Hosting and VPS servers

Hosting and VPS servers

We offer a set of services that will ensure the maintenance of websites and e-mail support and dynamic database applications - enabling the effective functioning of your online business!

Why are we ?:

  • State of the art Data Center in Poland
  • High SLA: 99.9%
  • Automatic backups
  • Copyright IT solutions
  • Many years of experience
  • Infrastructure: Cisco, Dell, HP
  • Official partnership with ATM SA
  • Dualstack: IPv4, IPv6

Data Center of our company is located in the server ATM SA. Reasons for locating the infrastructure in a selected server room were many:

  • our own Data Center park
  • professionally prepared colocation space
  • Inergen gas extinguishing system + backup of gas cylinders
  • Vesda early fire detection system
  • precision air Conditioning
  • UPS and emergency power generators + underground fuel tanks
  • High level access control
  • very well developed optical fibre structure in Poland
  • the possibility of implementing disaster recovery services thanks to a second Data Center
  • the possibility of implementing the Business Continuity with the option Backup Office

In addition to the technical aspects, a very important argument is a flexible cooperation, which is to protect the business of each party. During the implementation of the projects we could always count on the protection of the building, technicians and traders support.

tel.: 606 405 680
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