Tests and Audits

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We develop and implement strategies to ensure the quality of IT products, we audit their quality and safety.

Application tests are usually greater part of the budget of many projects, that's why testing using appropriate methods and tools is so important. In the case of complex / large scale IT systems, the processes related to assurance and quality control often have a decisive impact on the success of the project. Testing processes are long and divided into several stages, which means that a significant part of the budget.

We provide the following services in the field of quality assurance:

  • analysis and consultation
  • functionality tests
  • automated tests
  • Laboratory quality control services
  • Performance tests and audits
  • testing and security audits

The main objectives of testing:

  • validation of the system in terms of its compliance with the requirements
  • detecting defects in both the requirements of the system and the system itself
  • gathering the results, which show the quality of the system in areas such as: functionality, performance, compliance with the formal requirements, availability, load, security, and usability.
  • determine the compliance with the implementation of business process system

Our highly skilled team responsible for the execution of tasks ensures the quality (QA team), consists of specialists in testing who have years of experience in projects for clients in the banking, financial, government, local government and telecommunications. Our experts provide professional advice concerning both the testing and its various stages. The biggest advantages of our team of experts. Tests are:

  • knowledge
  • many years of experience in the field of testing systems
  • knowledge of IBM, HP, Microsoft, AS400, EDI, Magento eCommerce

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email: bok@future-soft.pl
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